About Gateway

Gateway is a non profit organization that provides a platform which seeks to inform, connect and inspire women in technology. The platform allows women to empower themselves and achieve career advancement.


We believe in four core principles that are game changers
in the advancement of women in technology

Men Need to Be in The Room

We believe men need to be active members of forums that promote the advancement of women in technology. Many men are decision makers in their respective organizations and hence in a position to drive positive change. We want men to join us in the room, engage with us and become Gateway Allies that champion the advancement of women in technology in their respective organizations.

Technology Needs to be the Agenda

Technology is a dynamic and ever changing industry. Knowledge of industry trends, challenges and solutions will allow women to gain a competitive edge in the workplace. Gateway programming will help women to be more competitive in the workplace.

Each Woman Has Unique Challenges and Aspirations

Flexible working and maternity leave are not the primary issues faced by all women in technology. Each woman has her own respective challenges and career aspirations. Programs needs to address a broader range of issues faced by women. Gateway seeks to present career opportunities and options that address a diverse range of challenges and aspirations.

Aligning Fragmented Communities Delivers Power

There are numerous forums and programs focused on women in technology. In order to magnify the opportunities for women in technology, Gateway seeks to complement organizations with similar objectives and bring together various communities focused on women in technology.

Gateway Events


Afterwork Events

  • Dynamic and educational panel discussions on technology industry topics
  • Gain valuable insight by engaging with industry thought leaders and key influencers
  • Networking reception
  • Recruitment partners highlight open job opportunities new to the market


Power Breakfasts

  • Professional development training topics (e.g. professional presence, employment law, leadership skills, building your CV)
  • Interactive career coaching
  • Celebrate women making advancements in the technology industry
  • Recognize Gateway Allies contributing towards the advancement of women in technology


Startup Sponsorship

  • Showcase technology start-ups founded by women
  • Informative panel discussions of Angel Investors, Private Equity professionals and successful entrepreneurs provide advice

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